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     After her longshot husband wins the presidency, mega-influencer Lori-Oprah Lee suddenly ascends from Real Housewife of Orange County to FLOTUS. With a husband with the political instincts of a squid, and a sensitive preteen son who just wants to be normal, Lori-O must navigate the unfamiliar world of lobbyists, SuperPACS and a backstabbing Vice President in order to protect both her family and her country.




First Lady

Lori-Oprah Lee

     Lori-Oprah Lee (39 if asked, but 44 on her license), chased her dream of becoming a Hollywood movie star, but settled for billionaire’s second wife instead. She found her true calling when her opulent lifestyle and candid personality became a hit on social media. But through all of the fame and wealth, Lori-O always suspected there was a better use of her platform than hawking facial creams and promoting DJs. Though she doesn’t talk or dress like a policy wonk, Lori-O will soon discover that her prominence on the media landscape has given her a unique opportunity to change the lives of millions of people. The question is: will she change them for the better?

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Vice President Martha O'Riley


     Vice President Martha O’Riley (50’s) is the cowboy boots and pearls mid-western Christian gal that made Lori’s husband, Gus, relatable to the flyover states. She’s always got church-ready hair and folksy tips for making your home even more cozy. But behind closed doors, she’s a ruthless political bitch willing to steamroll anybody who gets in her way. Smart and charismatic, Martha is a shrewd politician whose syrupy southern drawl belies her single-minded thirst for power. She will stop at nothing to push her corporate agenda, even if that means cutting Lori-O off at the knees...literally. She’s Dick Cheney in lipstick. Mitch McConnell in an apron. 

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President Augustus "Gus" Lee

     President Augustus ‘Gus’ Lee (60’s) is the “self made” billionaire scion of an old California political dynasty. Always ready with a charming smile and a firm handshake, he’s a person designed by a focus group (that he hired). But behind all the people-pleasing, Gus is just an insecure, easily-manipulated rich kid who always did what his overbearing father demanded. Finally at the pinnacle of success, he can begin a journey of self-discovery, which would be wonderful if he weren’t supposed to be running the country.

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Supporting Characters

Tommy Lee

​​     Tommy Lee, (12) the "First Boy" of the United States of America. Surrounded by Secret Service agents, photographers and a geriatric body double, he desperately just wants to be a regular kid. His season one arc is puberty.


Grant (20’s) is Lori’s cheeky West-Hollyood personal assistant, psychiatrist, confidant, cheerleader and advisor turned BFF. True fact: Grant is the most quoted person on the “Overheard LA” insta.

Anthony o'riley

Anthony O’Riley (50’s) is a retired NFL QB and VP O’Riley’s husband.  The exact opposite of Gus Lee, he’s the most relatable American who ever lived. In his free time, he breaks wild horses for charity.  You really just want to be his friend… and Gus is super threatened by him.

Moe tagore

When Mohammad “Moe” Tagore (30’s) saw “All the President’s Men” at age 13, he became obsessed with cigarettes, sideburns, and investigative journalism. He is assigned the FLOTUS beat and he investigates every single crack of Lori-O’s past like it’s Watergate.



     If VEEP was a black cold brew, FLOTUS is a blended jalapeño marg brought to you by Raul, the shirtless pool boy; a funny family soap set in the White House. It's easy to watch but not dumb. It's about family values and moral lessons, but told through tales of alien invasions and the juiciest drama that could be squeezed out of the OC. It will appeal to all Americans and will bring us all together. 


It's just what America needs right now!


“FLOTUS” is a Washington satire that people from all political persuasions will come together to laugh at, because it’s funny LOL, not funny OMG.


Enter Lori-Oprah Lee,  

First Lady of the United States.

 Initials: LOL.  

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Season 1 Arc

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      In Season 1, Lori-O repeatedly foils the power hungry Vice President Martha O’Riley’s plans to get her husband, Gus, impeached. At the same time, Lori-O must prove her worth in the beltway by rolling out her ambitious First Lady Initiative. But in order to get pilates and kale juice in every public school, she cannot and will not play by the old rules. Instead of horse-trading and backroom deals, Lori-O gets her Initiative funded and implemented her way, that is, with the power of social media and her uniting charm.  

     Complicating her crusade is Moe, an investigative reporter posing as a substitute teacher at her son’s creepily progressive new school. Moe soon discovers her Finsta account, which is full of gossipy scoops and old secrets that could taint her husband’s increasingly tenuous grasp on the Oval.

     Can Lori-O balance the First Family, a burgeoning moral compass, and a perfectly procured Instagram account? When her husband falls ill and mysteriously disappears from his hospital bed, how will she defend Gus’s presidency against both VP O’Riley and hostile foreign governments? Lori-O rises to these challenges, utilizing her raised public profile and natural charisma to connect with the people. She finds that she has always had the ability to enact real change in the world and decides to finally do it, of course, in her own perfectly fabulous way. 

Season 1 Arc


This is a surreal family comedy full of presidential ghosts, reptilian skin walkers, nukes, Nigerian princes and of course the finest botox surgeons this side of the Mississippi...but since the recent focus of America has been on Washington, why not use our newfound political literacy to create a smart, funny show about bringing the country together through the hi-jinks of one plucky Mom trying to keep her family and her country together?

Short form


Red White and Freedom
The Boys Go Camping
Lori and The Reptillian Army
Lori Solves the Hostage Crisis
Proof of Concepts


     FLOTUS is a female-led political comedy created by a minority woman, with a simple premise: after four years of political mayhem, what we really need now is a good laugh to bring us all together.





Created By

     Growing up as the child of immigrants in Laguna Beach, Dagmarette observed the real Lori-Oprah Lee’s her entire life. At home, she saw the sweat and sacrifice required for her parents to cut out their piece of The American Dream. Meanwhile her classmates, Lauren Conrad and Kristen Cavallari, were catapulted to fame and (even more) wealth with the “Laguna Beach” MTV Reality Show. Well, only in America.  

     But the America her parents immigrated to is a very different country than the one we live in today. In a time split between MAGA hats and the #METOO movement, she feels now more than ever that the time has come for women to make their voices heard. This show is especially important to her because it tells the story of a woman who overcomes societal and political obstacles to be authentically, proudly, herself. Though the future can seem bleak these days, the best way forward is by finding the humor that brings us together.

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Created By

     Matthew Brown is a former communications staffer for Gov. Mitt Romney’s office where he learned the inner workings of the messy world of politics. Since turning his efforts to writing for television and film, he has supported himself by caddying at a variety of ultra-exclusive golf courses on both coasts. Being in the proximity of professional athletes, actors, billionaire businessmen and yes, politicians, has given him insight into the psychology of the powerful who have let their guards down on the golf course. His spec sitcom “Open Marriage” placed at the Austin Film Fest and Writer’s Conference in 2018. His writing has been featured in The New Yorker Magazine. Matthew currently works as a writers' assistant on Chicago PD.



Developed By

​Alec Contestabile is a working Production Designer whose career began in the art departments of  “Mad Men,” “The Amazing Spider-Man,” and “Feud: Bette and Joan.” Most recently, Alec designed the Showtime series “Black Monday” starring Don Cheadle, Regina Hall and Andrew Rannells. Notable design work includes commercials for the Super Bowl, Google, and Apple, and iconic music videos for artists including Kendrick Lamar, Camila Cabello, and The Weeknd. 



Developed By

Co-writer and producer Isaac’s political ambitions ended in high school after he became disillusioned with power while serving on the student council. He now writes short fiction stories for the podcast Tourbillion Tales. He also co-wrote and co-produced the documentary “Still Slaves: The West African Slave Trade Then and Now,” which premiered at the Los Angeles Femme Film Fest in 2018. Isaac cut his teeth as an assistant and Verve Talent and Literary Agency, and now works at Raimi Productions.


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